Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Time Is Now, Week 30 via @poetswritersinc

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 THE TIME IS NOW          JULY 28, 2011  

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The Time Is's your weekly poetry and fiction prompts to keep you writing all year long. Let's get to it!   


Approach a poem (or revise an existing poem) as if you were writing a fable. Keep a third-person point of view. Address the anthropomorphic qualities of the objects you introduce. Invite an animal or creature into the poem. Allow an invisible force to alter time and space. Instead of ending with a lesson or moral, try closing the poem with a question. 



In a radio interview this week on Fresh Air with Terry Gross, fiction writer Donald Ray Pollock, whose most recent novel, The Devil All the Time, was published this month, talked about how he learned to write by typing out a story by an established author once a week. Use Pollock's strategy this week, typing a story by an author whose writing you admire. After typing it out, print out a copy and carry it with you, reading and rereading it, making notes along the way. Let the process reveal the story's gifts to you. Then begin a story of your own. 



Each week we recommend a book--a newly published title or an invaluable classic--that will help you on your writing journey. This week's pick:   


Next Word, Better Word 
Next Word, Better Word: The Craft of Writing Poetry (Palgrave Macmillan, 2011) by Stephen Dobyns
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