Monday, October 3, 2011

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 Performed w/Cuban Hernandez (l) and Kevin Sandbloom (r) during
the last night of their Graffiti Blue Tour. (Photo Credit: Maia Crown Williams)

dirty chai

Ah Dirty Chai... It is a mix of masala chai and espresso. Earthy, spicy and hyper... Sorta' like me... ;o) In fact I had such a delicious one at Thistle Coffee House that I have been calling myself Dirty Chai for a full month. So what does that have to do with poetry?

Who knows? By now, ya'll know I can work a tangent! Or just maybe the delectable beverage Dirty Chai serves as the perfect metaphor for my summer. It was a masala indeed! I went to church a lot, hung out in the sun a whole lot, did a little yoga, did much belly dancing, ate a lot of kale and got the rest that I have been needing. I only performed a little and the most notable gig was with The C.A.M.P. (Christian Artists and Music Project) at Milan Federal Correctional Facility. Shared the stage with the oh, so dope Mahogany Jones, the powerful Jeff Nelson and various residents of Milan. The evening was hosted by Denise and Rufus Harris as part of their ongoing outreach.

I wrote tons of new poems. Lots of stuff about love (love gone wrong, love gone right, unrequited love...) Click here to get a free download of a track about love, Summer of Love (originally titled, 1967). (Or you can enter the code at the bottom of this e-mail.)  

I hope to see you as I am out and about this Fall. My next performance is on Thursday, October 6 at Southfield Public Library. I am supporting Ber-henda Williams as she releases her new book, Siren Songs. Visit the website often for upcoming dates!  

Performing at Manila Bay Cafe in Detroit.
(Photo Credit: Venti Valdez)

me oh my

Detroit's Springfed Arts Writer's Retreat in September was like a breath of fresh air. The talented staff included Tara Betts, Denise Duhamel and Robert Olmstead. All fine writers... But I was blown away by the triple threat: E. Ethelbert Miller, Roger Bonair-Agard and A. Van Jordan. These amazing men demonstrated craft and eloquence at its finest. Be sure to check out Springfed and consider a membership!

Shared the stage with Dimonique Boyd (l) and
One Single Rose (r) at a Southfield Public Library Performance.

why oh why?

So you probably remember that I am working on a new project. It's a CD. It shall be named Raw Clay. I created a series of videos promising it would be here Summer 2011. *sigh* It's not finished. You guys are stakeholders in my vision. Keep the prayers and good thoughts coming! It is closer every minute. In the meantime, you can still get the book, Red Clay Legacy (hard copy or Kindle version).

Project Video 1: Trailer

Project Video 2: Detroit Thoughts

Project Video 3: The Interview

To download the track "Summer of Love" for free, go to and enter the code jxti-b1hr

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