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Ferndale Film Festival ... Free Screenings

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Ferndale Film Festival  Free Screenings

November 2011Issue No. 11.003
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Tradition continues.. as part of our tradition we have always held a free event open to the public.. 
This year the festival is proud to have selected free screenings at the Affirmations on Saturday and Ferndale Public Library on Friday and Saturday..
Affirmations - Saturday 5-7

Just Because I Am - "Just Because I Am" takes the viewer through the inspirational journey of an LGBT youth group, led by an enthusiastic gay mentor, who together give a response to homophobia by creating a performance on love, respect and tolerance. 

Ferndale Public Library

Friday  1- 4

Look to the Cookie - Lindsay Lindenbaum -A baker prepares the daily goods at his family's one hundred year-old business as he reminds us of the past, the importance of community, and to appreciate the simple things in life.


Beneath The Unknown - Dmitriy Yurovsky - As world events spiral out of control, a long feared foreign bio chemical attack strikes America’s shores.  Average people are forced to hide underground from an odorless and colorless nerve agent which causes a horrifically painful death in its victims. When news of the attack reaches the streets of Brooklyn, New York, three everyday people:


Easy Street - Russell Greene - A young, Southern lawyer goes to New York for a job interview with the country's most eccentric and intimidating Federal Judge. After experiencing the weirdest encounter of his life, he is given an ultimatum that pits his morality against his ambition. Both comically absurd and socially relevant, the film asks: How far would you go to land your dream job?


The F Bomb - Tyler Wallach - Harold and Jane have been married for over half a century. How can diametrically opposed opposites last together for so long? A single word, the F bomb, will set in motion a snowball effect of bottled up feelings and emotions. This elderly couple are not the cardboard cutout we are used to. The F Bomb is a short serio-comedy dealing with marriage, routine and all its pitfalls.


The Eater - Wally Chung - A man has a strange experience that ends up affecting the people around him.


10,000 Hearts - Lisa Lodico - A quiet and painfully shy sophomore, Nate Carson is forced into artistic servitude by his overbearing half-sister, Heather. Nate, who normally finds refuge in his art, is bullied into supporting Heather's unimaginative theme for the homecoming dance. He is resigned to social invisibility until he meets Logan, an attractive and charming upperclassman. Enchanted by Logan's kind deeds, Nate begins folding paper hearts as a way of expressing his feelings. With the help of a new Wizard of Oz-obsessed friend, Nate develops the courage to finally stand up to his sister and break free. But Heather discovers the hearts, and isn't going down without a fight.


Chalk- Max Suri - A lonely janitor is working the graveyard shift by himself. His only companion is a mysterious young man he just met. The young man gets the janitor to thinking something is wrong with him.


Hotstuff - Robin Lehman - Explore the glorious world of historical glass with William Gudenrath.Pino Signoretto, perhaps the world's greatest glass sculptor, works his astonishing magic.Lino Tagliapietra pushes the boundaries of Venetian glass techniques.Vittorio Constantini shows us why he is the undisputed master of the miniature.Mark Matthews travels the universe of the sphere. Paul Stankard shares his botanical adventures! With a combined hot glass experience of well over two centuries, these six will wow you with their contagious enthusiasm!


Cuckoo for Two - A timid cuckoo bird, alone in his clock finds himself love struck by a lovely lady paper weight.  Can he overcome his fear of heights in order to bring him together?


Au menu...- Violaine Roussel-Bongiovanni - A young Canadian girl will face a cultural shock when she goes alone into a restaurant in Vietnam..

Saturday -  1- 4 


Fractured Minds - Frank  Battiston - A couple journeys into a road trip in search to save their marriage. As their problems resurface, a horrific evil creeps out from the darkness. It is now up to the couple to stay together and fight for their lives.


Strong from Detroit - Jeremy Olstyn - A high school senior bucks the system and illegally attends school outside of the Detroit City limits and takes with him State funding. As one student struggles to define his future, a city struggles to stave-off a legacy of exodus that seems unending.


Apple Simple - Jake Haehnel - Apple Simple is a fable about how one boy realizes his true feelings toward his worst enemy.


Tree of the Valkyrie - Phil Baumhardt - The tale of Bjorn Thorgeirson, a young Norseman who embarks on a quest to win honor and glory by the edge of his sword, but discovers he has much to learn of the ways of the warrior.


Johnny Mathis PSA - Nat King Cole Generation Hope - Kathy  Kolla - Legendary singer Johnny Mathis promotes the non-profit charity Nat King Cole Generation Hope. The organization helps students who can't afford musical instruments.


Mushroom Hunt - Milena Pastreich - A mother forces her family to enjoy their yearly mushroom hunt. 


Thistle - Sarah Eason - Thistle is a stop motion animation project using paper cut out puppets, large-scale water color backgrounds, and some 2D animation elements. One day a starling meets a thistle girl, and pecks out her eye...


Atroz is a curmudgeon teddy bear who will tell us the misfortunes that he will live to flee from his owner, Luna, a girl that harasses him every moment.


Beneath The Veneer Of A Murder - Angel Connell - A brief yet tense phone conversation between politically connected powerhouse Tom Buchanan  and a desperate lower class thug named Judd  over Buchanan's bisexual wife Daisy , her working class lover Lolita and Bartlesby, the enigmatic head of Buchanan's personal security force, results in an interlocking series of actions which culminates in a brutal murder


Out of Wonderland - Ariel Vida - Alice has lived in calm, peaceful Wonderland her entire life.  She longs for the adventures she finds in books about a noble, exciting world far different from her unchanging land.  When a Hatter drives up in his White Rabbit with an offer to visit the place she dreams of, she eagerly accepts.  Arriving in our world, however, she finds it to be nothing like she expected.  Years after the quests of the great heroes she read about, she is surrounded instead by a modern, desolate city.  Terrified and lost, Alice wanders beneath the towering skyscrapers until she meets two siblings from which she learns more about love, loss, and sacrifice than her books had ever shown her. The


Over Games - James Carlsen - The story of two boys' obsession with video games and how one boy's rejection of reality leads them into the world of the game itself.  In the world of the game, not everything is as it seems, and they soon find out they do not want to be there!


Gentlemen's Club - Erin Curd - 'The Gentlemen's Club' is a short documentary film featuring a small group of fifth-grade boys at one public school in the city of Detroit. Their participation in a strikingly unique after-school program has had profound effects on their own lives, as well as complex and far-reaching implications for Detroit itself.  While much has been said about Detroit in recent years, the children of the city have largely been left out of the conversation.  'The Gentlemen's Club' amplifies these small voices, some of which are inspiring, while others heart-breaking.  The film raises questions about racial and economic privilege, and a child's right to a happy and healthy life.









Ferndale Film Festival is a non-profit organization established in 2009.
We have donated over 3,000 dollars in proceeds to local charities.  

Shown over 100 independent movies . 

Hope to see you at the festival this year! 
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