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White House Appointee Releases Memoir via @aquariuspress

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White House Appointee Releases Memoir


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Aaron P. Dworkin
Author Aaron P. Dworkin



White House Champion of Change Aaron P. Dworkin has released his memoir, Uncommon Rhythm: A Black, White, Jewish, Jehovah's Witness, Irish Catholic Adoptee's Journey to Leadership. Aaron is the first person appointed by President Obama to the National Council on the Arts. He is the Founder and President of the Sphinx Organization, the leading national arts organization that focuses on youth development and diversity in classical music. Uncommon Rhythm is a harrowing yet moving account of Aaron's journey through social isolation and discrimination to found one of the nation's cultural jewels. The book is a tapestry of stirring narrative, precious photos and poignant poems. A MacArthur Fellow, Aaron is driven by the single vision of "inclusion for all," and hopes that this book will inspire all people who have ever felt like outsiders to nurture their own gifts and make valuable contributions to society.



Book Information

Uncommon Rhythm:

A Black, White, Jewish, Jehovah's Witness, Irish Catholic Adoptee's Journey to Leadership


September 30, 2011

Aquarius Press

ISBN 978-0-9846212-7-9

6 x 9

208 pages

$19.95 retail


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Praise for Uncommon Rhythm


"Success is an amazing combination of talent, hard work, and good fortune. Aaron Dworkin is the embodiment of this troika, and his story is quintessentially an American one. As his book shows, he has made the most of opportunities presented to him, and his words show him to be a visionary in the promotion of American culture to its young citizens. Uncommon Rhythm is a very informative, and inspirational read."

--Branford Marsalis, Grammy Award-Winning Jazz Musician

Former Leader of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Band


"Aaron Dworkin has taken a wondrous and complex life path, using that richness of experience to enrich the lives of many deserving young musicians. This is an inspiring and instructive memoir."

--Ara Guzelimian, Dean of the Juilliard School


"This memoir captures not only Aaron's creative spirit, but the incredible discipline he has brought to his ever-developing leadership in the arts... He reminds us that success is really a series of well managed opportunities, and his memoir recounts an endless series of his carefully managed opportunities."

--Lowell Noteboom, Chairman, League of American Orchestras


"Aaron Dworkin's story is remarkable.  He was raised black in an emotionally chilly white home in a small, all-white, American town in the 1970's , when overt racism was still prevalent and interracial adoption was rare.  Playing the violin, his black face remained an anomaly in the orchestra for decades.  That he was able to build what he did from experiences that have crushed others is testament to his vision, tenacity, and beautiful spirit."

--Theresa Reid, PhD, Executive Director of ArtsEngine and Author, Two Little Girls:  A Memoir of Adoption






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