Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Recognize Change Makers + The Detroit Story & The Moth Mainstage via @wdet

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Photo Slideshow: Meet The People Who Love Detroit

How well do you know Metro Detroit's LGBT & Arab American communities?  Check out our photo slide show to see the faces of people who love their life here and learn what they want you to know about their community.

Do you know someone who loves Detroit and is working to help build safe, inclusive communities?  We want to recognize them. Text "TOWN" to 69866 and nominate them today!We'll give them a shout out on air and add them to our "Signs of Light" wall at wdet.org.

(These projects are part of the work we are doing with Not In Our Town, a movement which highlights communities working together to stop hate.  Learn more and get involved at wdet.org/niot)

We've got questions. You've got answers.

Share your insights and shape our coverage on the following topics.

Now Playing: The Detroit Story
If you were producing "The Detroit Story" how would you envision it, how would you improve it and what role do you play in it?

Robocop, 8 Mile, Hung? How do you feel about the portrayal of Detroit?

What Should Metro Detroit Know About the Grosse Pointes?

Bridging the "8 Mile Divide"
How do you feel about "8 Mile" and how the division it represents may have affected you?

What Should Metro Detroit Know About Southfield

How Will Michigan's Public Assistance Cuts Affect You?

Nominations end tonight & voting starts tomorrow!

Is there a black male in Detroit who inspires you? Who leads others and makes a difference in our community? Recognize him TODAY at bmechallenge.org.

Voting begins this Saturday!

Listen to BME-Black Management's Yusef Shakur and the Knight Foundation's Rishi Jaitly talk about this project that recognizes black male role models in local communities here.

Sponsor Spotlight

WDET is supported by:

Outback Concerts
Pat Metheny
10/2 at The Michigan Theater

The Moth Mainstage: Get Your Tickets Today

Two years of sold out Moth shows in Detroit... and now we bring you, The Moth Mainstage. Get your tickets while they last!

Haven't been to a Moth event before?  No worries. Come out to Cliff Bell's this Thursday, October 6th for this month's Detroit StorySLAM on the theme Near Death and see what you've been missing!

Weekly Roundup: The Craig Fahle Show

John Schaefer, host of Soundcheck, (heard weekday afternoons at 2pm) joined Craig to discuss how we can introduce classical music to a new generation and make it relevant in the 21th century.

Other interviews & stories from this week:

Haroon Mihtar Shares the Detroit Yemeni View of World Events

Environment and Health Issue, Detroit's Incinerator Permit?

Month at the Museum Contest

Carmen N'Namdi of The Nataki Talibah Schoolhouse of Detroit

Ann Delisi on the 2011 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees

Lori Robinson speaks with Craig about Afro-Cuban Hip-Hop group "Obsesion"

Daniel Okrent, author of 'Last Call: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition"

Science Center Closing?

ICE Officers Harass Churchgoers in Mexican Town

News Worth Repeating

Eastern Market announces a return of Market Tuesdays next year + a "Memory Cloud" takes over the skies in front of the DIA as part of Detroit Gallery Week. 

New Welfare Limits Start 10/1

Market Tuesdays Return in 2012

Opera Supporters Invite Young Professionals to Have a "Ball"

A View from TEDx Detroit 2011

Detroit Metro To Improve Access For Disabled

GM Approves UAW Contract

Worthy Charges Seven with Corruption in Romulus PD

Detroit Gallery Week Brings "Memory Cloud"

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