Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tips to Write, Self Publish, and Market Your Book Today via @coachjudy

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Most of you know my mission - to get the word out to business people that they can successfully write, self-publish, and market their own book or ebook.

The benefits? Endless. Including self and business branding, increased profits, new clients, new joint ventures, and a greater sense of accomplishment and purpose from sharing your unique knowledge with the world.

Today I share 3 articles that touch on each hat most authors most wear to put out a monetized book. One to help you with your writing, one to get you started with self publishing, and one to help you market your book using blog tours.

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7 Ways Metaphor Magic Makes your Writing Sell

Surprise your target audience. Give them chocolate frosting! Use metaphors in your book, blog, promo, and website.

Find out how at:



Can You Be a Best Selling Self-Published Author?

You may think you need a New York publisher in order to be a successful author. But as a long time book coach, with many clients who self-published for business successfully, I can show you non-vanity publishers who have given great information to our world, gotten great word of mouth, and even made millions. So, be encouraged and start your education on self-publishing now.

Here's 5 High Profit Self-Publishers:



Want More Blog Traffic? Try Guest Blog Marketing

Guest blog posting helps expand your name, reputation, and message IF you have a strategy.

Recently, after a lot of research and practice, I started my blog posting adventure and thought you'd benefit by my tips here.

Check them out at:



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