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Are You A RealWoman Writer? Prove it! via @brookblander

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R U A RealWoman Writer?

First, let me begin by telling you know that I am truly appreciative of your continued support for myself, Brook Blander, and my company, ebonyLotus WriteLife Studio's endeavors. I wanted to make sure you, the wonderful members of my mailing list, received a personal invitation to this free opportunity for women writers. That's right, its free.

ebonyLotus Write Life Studio presents RealWomen Write On Wednesday (WOW). Every Wednesday, you'll receive an email prompt in your inbox to give you the inspiration and motivation to get your pen moving. As women, we wear many, many hats and often find ourselves singing the "I don't have time to ( ___fill in the blank___ )" song. Well, we want to make sure that you are not filling in the blank with the word "WRITE". 

So sign up today for RealWomen Write On Wednesday and keep an eye on your inbox for your writing prompts every single Wednesday. Here's the link: www.ebonyLotus.com 

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wow-embrace imageIf you're just getting signed up, or want a sneeky-peeky at what signing up for RealWomen|WOW gets you...here's last week's WOW. Go ahead, try it...(after you sign up, of course :) 

Think of the last time you were in an embrace that held you beyond your physical body. Did you feel it in your spirit? Could you still feel it long after the embrace was over? Spend some time journaling about this experience. You can surely write about who you were embracing, why you were embracing, etc, but, give a little extra attention specifically to the actual act of embracing. 

Fiction: Write a story that begins with an embrace with false intentions. Have you ever seen it? Experienced it? There's nothing nice about it, right? Why is this embrace happening? What's the true intention of the "embrace-er"? Do both parties have an ulterior motive? Write the story. You choose the length. Just make it good. :) 

Poetry: What does an embrace smell like? Take a few moments and think about an embrace between lovers, between a mother and child, between a patient and her doctor. What is the common scent between all of these embraces (and others)? Write a poem, in your choice of style, about the scent of an embrace. If you would like to focus on a particular embrace, maybe that of a tree-hugger or someone hugging themself, that's perfectly fine. The point is to allow yourself to tap into that scent... that aroma, of an embrace, and deliver it in the form of poetry. 

Our mailing address is:
Brook Blander.com
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