Wednesday, June 6, 2012

DWIFF Coming up - Check out our Features! #detroit #film

Detroit Windsor International Film Festival

DWIFF is coming up June 20-24... 
Below find some of the Features we will be screening at the DWIFF this year
Keep checking DWIFF.ORG for updates and screening times.. 
We look forward to seeing you there! 

Detroit Windsor International Film Festival 

Somewhere West

Somwhere West is a visually breathtaking road-film that explores the human spirit with emotional breadth and quiet subtlety. After battling with a terminal illness, Ian decides to forgo treatment and head West in search of solitude and a beautiful place to spend his final days. However, despite his best efforts, Ian becomes the center of a makeshift family of troubled, but kind-hearted characters who help him in the redemptive process of letting go, opening his heart, and finally reaching his undetermined destination. Somewhere West is a journey of forgiveness and friendship that travels 3000 miles across some of the most revelatory landscapes in the United States, including Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Somewhere West has received 12 Official Selections from film festivals in 3 countries and has been awarded: WINNER - Best Feature Film at 3 festivals, WINNER - Best Cinematography at 2 festivals, and WINNER - Silver Palm Award from the Mexico International Film Festival. In addition, Somewhere West is Nominated for 6 Awards at the upcoming World Music & Independent Film Festival in Washington DC.. Director David Marek will be in Attendance.   


Joe Doughrity

JOSHUA TREE, 1951 - A portrait of James Dean 


Joshua Tree, 1951 is an intimate portrait of James Dean on the cusp of achieving notoriety as both a great actor and an American icon. Set primarily in the early 1950s and focusing on Dean's experiences as an up-and-coming actor in Los Angeles, the film is a series of revealing vignettes that blend biographical and fictionalized elements to present a pivotal moment in a remarkable life.


Somewhere West
 Cost of the Living: a Zom Rom Com 

 A live action feature film that is set in a world where the undead  have  risen and can be tamed to live peacefully with humans.  People have  been split between those who support undead  rights and those who  do not. Andrew and Emily, from  either  camp, meet and start to fall in  love, while Brian just  struggles to  fit in. It is a social/political satire,  story of struggle  and a  romantic love story all wrapped into one.
Director Daniel Lee White in attendance





Somewhere West

 Irvine Welsh's Ecstasy
ECSTASY is a dark romantic comedy, based on the controversial book, "Ecstasy", by Irvine Welsh. "Ecstasy", was translated into 20 languages and was a number one bestseller in over 20 countries. Mr. Welsh's first book, "Trainspotting", published in 1993, (and voted by Waterstone, Europe's largest bookstore chain, as one of the Ten Best Books of the Century), sold over 1 million copies in the UK alone, and has its own Cinematic Cinderella success story.

Detroit Windsor International Film Festival | 15206 Mack Avenue, Suite Nine | Detroit | MI | 48230

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