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DON'T PUSH PARKED CARS via Author & Minister Mary Edwards #michlit #mwn

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Warning: Don't Push Parked Cars©2009
Minister Mary Edwards
Have you ever attempted to push a parked car? (Don't raise your hand.) I must admit that in the midst of my madness, I have. If you've tried this, you know it is an exercise in futility.
I attempted to push a lot of parked cars before I got the signal: they aren't going anywhere. During one learning process, I exerted a lot of wasted energy and experienced tremendous frustration trying to help.
Throughout scripture, Jesus compares men to sheep and fish. Let me compare some people to cars.
Although some theologians may disagree with me scripturally, I wonder if perhaps there is an element of truth to the cliché' that "God helps those who help themselves." You can't help people who won't help themselves, no matter how good your intentions are. Furthermore, you need to be honest with yourself. Did they ever ask for help? Are you too pushy?
First of all, a car was manufactured to go somewhere. Its purpose is to take us to a certain destination. Destination is the root word for "Destiny." In Jeremiah 29:11, we are told that God has a plan and a purpose for our lives. (Someone needs to get a Bible, dust it off, and look up this verse. It could change your life.)
In spite of the fact that God has a plan and a purpose for our lives, as I look around, I see far too many stalled cars. They just are not going anywhere. Some are stalled because they let the devil steal their batteries. (No security.) They didn't put on the whole armor of God according to Ephesians 6. Some could get recharged if they had a little boost (encouragement). But the ones who frustrate me are those who just won't take the car out of park (too lazy) or have no clear sense of direction (destiny). Furthermore, they won't ask for or admit that they need help. They just refuse to shift gears.
To those of you who are trying to help these voluntarily disabled ones, I give you this warning. Don't push parked cars.  If you do, two things will happen. One day the previously parked car may decide to shift gears, go in reverse and run you over! Or, you may do irreparable damage to yourself trying to push parked cars.
To those of you who are voluntarily disabled, I give this warning. If you sit still much longer, you will rust out. The tow truck will come and take you to the junkyard. God has a better plan for your life. He has a purpose for you, and is waiting for you to tap into it.
I hope this message will serve as a spark plug for you. If you really want to reach your destination in life, give me a call and I'll let you use my booster cables, but you must start the car's ignition. I can't let you drain my battery.

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Minister Mary D. Edwards is an author, book coach, editor, publisher and motivational speaker.  
She can be reached at Leaves of Gold Consulting, LLC. (313) 744-MARY  and

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