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West Michigan Film Office - 10/09/2012 via @rickhert

Crew Call

General crew call for all positions on a low budget non-union feature film shooting in and around Grand Rapids, MI.  Please submit all resumes via email with crew position in subject line.  Film experience a plus, paid positions available dependent on experience.  Tentatively prep October and shoot November.  Working title is "The Rapture Diary". 

Email resumes to:

Also, this feature is looking for military vehicles...

Picture vehicles needed for low budget feature film shooting in and around Grand Rapids, MI.  Details are as follows:

2x Military style humvees (must be drivable and in working condition)
Any other military style vehicles such as 5-ton trucks, armored personnel carriers, etc.

Please send specifications and pictures via email

Still looking for....

I'm working on a Microsoft film commercial production searching for a working high-tech, modern, clean manufacturing, scientific or research type company.  It could be computer, pharmaceutical, bio med, solar tech, anything really, as long as it has the high tech/clean look. We don't need to shut it down.  It can be filmed after hours or on weekends.

It shoots 1 day sometime in mid-October.  We don't need to shut a business down and people can be working in the background.   Small production crew around 5-8 people.  

Please let me know if you have any leads on locations like this.  Send photos or leads to  

Pitching a new show


Thanks for taking the time to speak with me last week. I work with Skip Film, a TV production company based in Los Angeles that specializes in non fiction series.

Skip Film is looking for some local business people who might fit the parameters for a show that a major cable network is considering.

The series would be about sibling business rivals - two businesses in the same field and geographic region where the competing business owners are brother and sister, two sisters, etc. Ideally, the business owners would be spirited rivals at business but would still be able to interact on some level at family gatherings.

If you know of some business owners in or around western Michigan who fit this bill, please write back or call me as soon as possible. Feel free to pass this along to anyone who can help with your search. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Donovan Jacobs
Skip Film

"Scene" and Heard

Sorry to say that our current state film commish, Carrie Jones, is headed for greener pasture and we will have a new Michigan State Film Commissioner by the end of this week.  All we know at this point is that the new state commissioner will be appointed by the governor office and she will start on Oct. 22, 2012.  

Also, the state has rolled out a new film application process that has dropped from 14 categories to 4 categories of questions to pass state approval for the incentives.   As film marketing professionals, we hope that this stimulates more applications and ease the process.  Congratulations to the MFO for working with the industry to streamline the process. 

With $58 million to spend this year and a streamlined process, we hope to be busy with feature films state wide.  That translates to $50 million this year and $8 million rollover from last year that was left unspent. 
WMFO met with west side legislators this past week, who agree there is a need to have more filming on the west side (and statewide) for the film incentives to be viable.  
Note to productions, incentives for out of state employees reduce each year, and starting January 1 of 2013, the rate will be 20%, down from 25%.  According to sources within the state film office, all projects approved before January 1, 2013 can still expect this year's rate for out of state employees.

10 West Studios in Manistee got approved by the state as a qualified facility.  This is important because by legislation action, any production that film or has their office space in a qualified facilities receives an extra 3% from the state.  In the case of the recent tornado movie filming in state, they received an extra$700,000 to $1 million dollars to film in a qualified facilities which was included in the roughly $12 million given to this production from the state.  WMFO is working with developers and investors to get additional facilities that qualify in West Michigan to take advantage of this 3% bump to productions. 

Lastly, WMFO is working with the state on west side filming locations map.  This follows on the success of similar maps in Ann Arbor and Detroit (SE Michigan) and will highlight noteworthy film locations.  

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