Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Got FIve Minutes to Make A Difference? frm InsideOut

We're almost at our goal!
...your support matters
Help Raise the Value of Words 
Though the Great Write Off officially begins today, we're already closing in on our $10,000 goal during this exciting three-day literary fundraiser. Thank you to the early-bird donors who made our great start possible. But we still need help!

 If you've been meaning to make a donation in support of our team of 17 volunteer writers, now's the time. Your donation could help IO bring a FULL YEAR of services to one school classroom. Online donations will be accepted through Oct., 5th. We hope you'll help spur the writers, and IO, on with your generosity. Let's show much words matter to Detroit's future. Meet our team and be sure to check out our great giveaways.

Inside The Great Write Off
The Great Write Off is write-a-thon sponsored by Fiction Writers Review.The rules are simple and fun. Five Michigan literary organizations have recruited writers to write on their behalf (either solo or on teams), and all funds donated on behalf of those individuals and teams will go directly to their sponsoring organizations. Learn more about the eventhere.  . 

Thank you!
We love this word. It can never be said enough - so we'll say it again here. Thank you. IO has the most generous supporters. More than 5,000 youth across Detroit soar each year because of you and your love of words.May the story continue.

How far do we have to go?
We're only $5,500 away from $10,000 our goal. Meeting the goal would allow IO to add a FULL YEAR of service to one class of children PLUS expand our youth poetry leadership program, the Citywide Agents, who will lead more workshops for children and youth in community locations. Please spread the word to your friends. 
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