Wednesday, October 24, 2012

.@RAWSISTAZ Literary Group: Tease by Detroit Author, Keith Gaston (Black Book Chat) (if U missed, leave a comment)

RAWSISTAZ Literary Group 

Tease by Keith Gaston (Black Book Chat)

Welcome to RAWSISTAZ!  Our chat today is with thriller, suspense & supernatural writer, Keith Gaston.  We will be discussing his book, Tease, our September Book of the Month selection and things will kick off at 12PM EST (noon).  If you're not able to join us for the first hour of the chat where Keith will join us, you can stop in through-out the day and he'll be back in later tonight or tomorrow to answer any additional questions you may have.

The chat will be held via the comments section and the quick link is, so please share with your friends.  To join the discussion, click on "Reply" directly beneath the person's comment/question you'd like to reply to. Otherwise, comment at the bottom of the page in the box where it says SPEAK YOUR MIND. This helps keep related responses together and easier to follow. You may need to refresh the page to see newer comments as they come in.  You can also subscribe by clicking the check box that says "Click here to subscribe to follow-up comments via e-mail."


D-Shroud, a criminal kingpin, has dreams of growing his empire. By selling three suitcase nuclear weapons to buyers that have no compunctions about using them, he believes he can secure his vision. Tease, his number one assassin, is beautiful and deadly. When a mysterious Washington attorney named Sh…aw asks too many questions about D-Shroud, Tease is ordered to put an end to Shaw's life.

Shaw is blamed for a crime he didn't commit. Pursued by police and being tracked by an insane killer, his problems become even more complicated by an undeniable heat rising between him and Tease. With tens of thousands of lives at stake, will Shaw's passion for Tease take precedence over his sense of duty?
Haven't read the book yet? Pick up the Paperback or E-Book via   And be sure to check out the follow-up book, Sphinx: Tease Too.
During the day, Keith Gaston is a mild mannered Information Technology geek, but at night, he assumes his secret identity as author.  He also writes under the name D. K. Gaston.  Visit his Blog at
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