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Book Marketing Tips Before & After You Finish Writing via @CoachJudy #bookmarket #promotips

While blog posts and social media goes a long way in getting the word out about your book and bringing in sales, did you know you can start implementing marketing strategies while you're still working on your book project?

For those of you still working on their book or ebook or those about to start, check out the essential pre-marketing writing mistakes below you'll want to avoid before you put out your final product.

And for those of you still trying to bring in more sales, pleas read the second article on weekly marketing actions you could and should be taking!


Are your eBook Sales Low? Check out these Writing & Pre-Marketing Mistakes

As an author, you want to put out the best product you can. Often, writing and pre-marketing mistakes cost you sales.

Writing Mistakes to Avoid

(know that all writing should market you)

1. You do NOT provide enough consistent structure in each chapter.

Your audience wants an easy read, so your formatting and organization must guide your reader to your gems. Remember, your chapters brand you and each one should support your book's thesis and title.

To read the other 10 mistakes to avoid, go to:


What Specific Marketing Actions are You Taking This Week?

For each book or joint business venture project, each month and each week I write goals, strategies, and promotion actions in my "Book and Business Marketing Plan."

This week, I've written specific 3 High Level Activities (HLAs) each day in my organizer. I write them the day before so my subconscious works on them all night. I face my HLAs with high energy and an attitude of having fun, usually in the morning.

To take a peak at my marketing plan and get started on yours, go to:


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