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Dzanc Books and Emerging Writers Network Newsletter
September 22, 2011

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Dzanc Books eBooks Club

What It Is

An exciting opportunity for our most loyal readers, the Dzanc Books eBook Club delivers a new eBook to its members on the first day of every month, with each selection coming from Dzanc and all of its imprints. In response to the proliferation of compatible devices and increased interest in eBook readings, Dzanc is committed to making it easier and less expensive for our readers to keep up on the newest releases from our catalog, and to delivering our titles in different formats for different kinds of readers.


Started in December 2010, selections so far have included acclaimed novels and short story collections by Robert Lopez, Roy Kesey, Stacey Levine, and Jeff Kass. Future books will be drawn from both our frontlist and the Dzanc Reprint Series, allowing us to deliver a wide variety of accomplished and emerging writers to our members.


Like all our eBooks, titles in the Dzanc eBook Club are delivered in DRM-free MOBI, ePub, and PDF formats, ensuring that club members will be able to enjoy it on their Kindle, iPad, Nook, Sony Reader, or whatever other platform they choose to use, as well as their PC and whatever newer devices might emerge in the near future.


The Dzanc eBook Club is one of the best ways to stay current with our newest books, and we truly believe it is the best value available to eBook writers anywhere. With subscriptions costing just five dollars per month or sixty dollars per year, members receive a 37% discount off the eBook list price of our selections, on top of knowing that they'll receive many of our new titles as soon as they're released, in the format best matching their choice of reading technology.


If you have any questions or concerns, please free feel to email Matt Bell at

How It Works

Option One: Get eleven books for $50, including five titles immediately upon signing up, plus a six-month subscription! This is a 43% savings compared to the cost of ordering the eleven titles individually in eBook form.

Upon signing up for the Dzanc eBooks Club, you will instantly be able to ask for any five titles we have in eBook form--this includes Dzanc titles, our rEprint titles, and any of our imprint titles. The files will be emailed to you within 24 hours of your signing up.


You will also receive the current month's selection within 48 hours. Then, on the first of each of the next five months, you will receive an email announcement containing a unique link, allowing you to immediately download and enjoy the month's book.


After the sixth month, members will be able to continue your subscription for just $5 per month, a savings of nearly 40% from the Dzanc eBooks cover price.


Option Two: If you already have some of the above bundled eBooks, you may also sign up for the eBook Club directly, starting with the current month's book, which will be delivered within 48 hours:

  • $15: three-month subscription
  • $30: six-month subscription
  • $55: one-year subscription (includes one free month!)

On the first of each month, you will receive an email announcement containing a unique link, allowing you to immediately download and enjoy the month's book. With this option, you will be automatically resubscribed for the same period when you current subscription ends, unless you cancel through your Paypal account.


The Dzanc Novel Contest for Mid-Career Writers


In an effort to further support writers in mid-career, Dzanc Books announces the launch of our Dzanc Novel Contest designed to advance the publishing career of an established author.  While at times it seems the publishing industry is only interested in the next big thing, we at Dzanc recognize the value of experienced writers who have gone through the process of creating and publishing two or more books. Mid-career writers are the backbone of our industry yet often these writers are overlooked and have a harder time finding a publisher than first time writers. In response, we at Dzanc have created this prize to honor those writers who have stayed the course and learned a thing or three over the years.


We are looking specifically for a writer with at least two full-length previously published books, either novels, short story collections, and/or non-fiction.

  • Entry to our novel prize involves sending a copy of your full manuscript, a cover letter detailing your previously published full-length books, as well as a $20 entry fee.
  • Entries by writers who have not yet published at least two full-length books will not be considered.
  • The deadline is February 1, 2012.
  • Every person that submits will receive a complimentary eBook from Dzanc (selected from one of the titles that has been a monthly selection in our eBooks Club) within 24 hours of submitting their manuscript.

There will be a winner selected, guaranteed, and this book will receive our standard publishing contract to be published both in print and as an eBook in July 2013,  

including a $1000 advance and promotional efforts such as arranging a book tour.


To submit, first pay your $20 entry fee using the paypal button below, then send your cover letter and full manuscript (in .DOC, .DOCX, or .RTF format) to (Entries received without an entry fee or a cover letter containing details of your previous books cannot be considered.)


SE Michigan Events Friday 9/23/2011


This Friday, September 23, 2011, there are two great reading events:


The One Pause Poetry Series presents Franz Wright.


7 p.m. 7101 W. Liberty Road,  

Ann Arbor, MI  At Copper Colored Mountain Arts


Free of charge

An evening with Pulitzer Prize winner Franz Wright.


Reception and book-signing to follow.




Franz Wright's most recent works include Wheeling Motel and Earlier Poems. Walking to Martha's Vineyard was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 2004, and he has also been the recipient of two National Endowment for the Arts grants, a Guggenheim Fellowship, a Whiting Fellowship, and the PEN/Voelcker Award for Poetry, among other honors.  


He lives in Waltham, Massachusetts, with his wife, the translator and writer Elizabeth Oehlkers Wright.




Kindertotenwald, a genre-bending collection of prose poems from Pulitzer Prize-winner Franz Wright brings us surreal tales of childhood, adolescence, and adult awareness, moving from the gorgeous to the shocking to a sense of peace. Wright's most intimate thoughts and images appear before us in dramatic and spectral short narratives: mesmerizing poems whose colloquial sound and rhythms announce a new path for this luminous and masterful poet.


There is also a conversation with the author Saturday from 10:30 to noon


Detroit Artists Market Reading 


7 p.m. 4719 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, MI  


Free of Charge


Readings by Anna Clark, Peter Markus, John Rybicki, and Norene Smith.


I've had the pleasure of seeing three of these writers read and have read extensively of the fourth writer's work and while none may have a Pulitzer yet, they are all well well worth your time. This will also be the first local event that Peter Markus' new collection, We Make Mud, will be available at.


Those of you in Ann Arbor and  

Detroit are damn lucky--you probably have pretty easy decisions. Those of us right in the middle in Westland have a decision to make. With an author to support in Detroit, I will most likely be there, but trust me, those of you residing further west than I will be in for a treat at the Wright reading and reception.



Two quick things, one EWN related and one Dzanc related:

Full reviews are still forthcoming over at the EWN, beyond those books I've recently done mini-reviews for, look for a review on Jessica Francis Kane's The Report, a great novel published earlier this year.

Dzanc Books, an independent publisher of award-winning fiction and non-fiction, is looking to hire freelance designers experienced in converting manuscripts to eBook form for an ongoing program. Applicants must have knowledge of InDesign and be able to produce accurate, high-quality files in both Kindle and ePub formats starting from InDesign, PDF, and Word files. To apply, please send a cover letter, resume, and a sample ebook to


Dan Wickett
EWN /Dzanc Books
Dzanc Back to School Sale!

Welcome to our "Back to School Sale," which starts today and runs through next Sunday:   


The "almost back to school sale" was pretty popular so we decided to do something extremely similar to celebrate the extra activities flooding so many of your households. 


For a limited time, buy any print book Dzanc has published, and get another of equal or less value free, with no additional shipping!  


To take advantage of this deal, just add the higher-price book to your cart, and then, before checking out, click the "Add" link next to "Note to Seller," and put in the name of the free title you would like to receive.


eBooks are all also available for the same buy one get one free sale!  


Once again, simply add a note before checking out and let us know what other eBook title you would like. Your first will be available instantly for download, and your second will be sent by email as soon as possible.


Thank you for reading Dzanc, and enjoy the sale!


rEprint Titles Available About to Explode

The first trio of eBooks in our rEprint Series are now available (stay tuned as many more will be appearing in the very near future). The idea behind this series is publishing great works of contemporary literature that are deserving and clearly will benefit from having their work appear in electronic form. Our efforts include works that have recently gone out of print, books in print that have yet to be converted to e-form, as well as titles iPad Ted Peltonwhere the author holds the eBook rights and is looking for a publishing partner for the electronic version of their book.

Dzanc has made some changes to its production process that will allow us to bring titles out at a much quicker rate than previously and there are at least seven or eight in full process now to look forward to very soon.

Stephen Graham Jones' Seven Spanish Angels is available (after never quite being published in print form--check out Stephen's blog for the story on that), and the first two titles brought into availability as eBooks in this series are David Lynn's Wrestling With Gabriel and Ted Pelton's Malcolm & Jack and Other Famous American Criminals.

We've recently signed up titles by Ralph Lombreglia, Steve Stern, Charles Blackstone, Steven McDermott, Kate Zambreno, Edra Ziesk, Christopher Kennedy, Jason Ockert, Greg Johnson, Squire Babcock, Mary Troy, Michael Griffith and Dean Paschal among others and are in negotiations with dozens of authors for hundreds of books at this time. Look for new titles and announcements soon.
Short Story Collection Contest

Congratulations to Jason Ockert, whose manuscript, Neighbors of Nothing, has been selected as the winner of the 2010 Award, joining previous winners David Galef and Luis Jaramillo.


Dzanc is currently holding its fourth annual contest for all authors wishing to submit a short story collection to Dzanc Books. The winning author will be published by Dzanc in late 2014, and will receive a $1000 advance.


Entry to the Dzanc Short Story Collection Contest requires a $20 reading fee and a full manuscript, both submitted through our submission manager.

Help Dzanc Meet a Match Donation


Dzanc has found somebody to offer to anonymously donate a large chunk of money in order to help us with both some equipment and administrative factors,letting us know that he/she will match donations by EWN members through next Friday, September 30, 2011, up to a total of $7000.00 (any EWN donations will be routed to non-administrative issues, ie, charitable education ventures and publishing). {Yes, we received a week's extension on this deadline} 


With the EWN over 3000 strong,ANY donation will help. Seriously, donations of a dollar would be more than welcome because it really means two dollars and movement for us on various projects.


Those that replied to this last week, thank you very much, the replies to you and movement on the below will be coming over the weekend.


Those that can help us out,visit our support page and simply make a donation via the Paypal button (or if you don't want to use Paypal,

shoot me an email in reply and I'll offer an alternative method).


As I'm trying to get the EWN blog and emails more active again, I'd like to make the following offers of thanks as well (not much, but hopefully the thought counts):


Anybody donating anything: I will do an EWN post at the blog about you as an EWN Member of the Day (you'll feed me a bio and I'll use that and whatever else that I can find online with links, etc.)


Anybody donating Ten Dollars or more: I will do a post about your book or a story/poem/essay of yours including links where available, photos of the books, etc.


Anybody donating Twenty Dollars or more: I will do a mini-interview with you--five questions minimum. This will be included both as a blog post and in a future EWN email.


Anybody donating Forty Dollars or more: I will do all of the above AND you will receive your choice of one of our first four titles (Roy Kesey's All Over, Yannick Murphy's In a Bear's Eye, Peter Markus' Bob or Man on Boat, or Best of the Web 2008).


As working for Dzanc Books has allowed me to continue the

Emerging Writers Network the past five years, a timespan during which it most likely would have ended, I personally greatly appreciate any support you can show.





New Purchasing Package at Dzanc Site

In an effort to both reward patrons for buying direct from Dzanc Books, as well as helping relieve some of the delaying in having your ability to read, Dzanc will now offer the following:



Any print copy ordered direct from Dzanc Books will generate not only the shipment of that book to the purchaser, but also an email with a free download of the eBook version of that title.



A couple of things:



a) while almost every Dzanc title is available in both eBook and print form, the few that have no eBooks will not participate in this particular purchasing package, and



b) in cases of buy one get xxx free sales, only the title specifically purchased will have an eBook sent.


Disquiet to Return to Lisbon 2012

The program will take place July 1-13 and feature some of the most interesting contemporary writers from North America and Portugal.

We're currently accepting entries for our International Literature Award. The winner will be awarded a free trip to DISQUIET 2012 and publication in Guernica. We also have full scholarships available for North American writers of Luso descent made possible through the Luso-American Development Foundation and Instituto Camões.

Catch updates on the blog or on our Facebook page, or apply now 

Below are some of the things participants in the inaugural 2011 program had to say:

Overall, this was one of the most amazing and memorable experiences I've ever had!

-Melissa Ruby

Thank you, to the entire DISQUIET team for giving me the experience of a lifetime. I truly feel blessed to have been included in such a wonderful program, and I felt that I left with more then I anticipated. The program was well organized, and, most notably, the team behind it all made it easier for a young solo traveler such as myself to feel welcome... Thank you thank you thank you for a time in my life that will remain magical forever.

-Marisol Benter

I liked that there was always something going on--I felt no pressure to try to attend everything because that would have been nearly impossible. Instead, we had the freedom to build our days around speakers and panels we particularly wanted to attend and were able to structure the rest of the day around our own activities and interests as they occurred to us. Disquiet was, sincerely, one of the best experiences I have ever had.

-Katie Buoymaster

The quality of the people who organized, participated, and contributed to this program was magnified by their kindness. I've learned so much about the writing life and will be applying this new knowledge towards changing my life to accomplish the writing goals that I've set out. I cannot express how thankful I am for this program. Very well done.

-Tony Roma

Excellent workshops, literary excursions, film screenings,meeting writers from all around the world, and all packaged in an inviting city -what more could I ask for? Overall, an incredible experience that will continue to feed my work in the years to come.

-Carlos Quieros

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