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BOOK TALK: Southfield Public Library PR The Spirit Hunter & The Skeptic #MICHLIT









September 29, 2011


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                  The Spirit Hunter & The Skeptic @ the Southfield Public Library


                                                                                                                                                       Southfield, MI – Ghosts, spirits, paranormal events are they real or have another explanation?  Investigate this further in a dual-speaker presentation about hauntings and investigating the paranormal at the Southfield Public Library on Wednesday, October 12 at 7:00pm in the Meeting Room.


The Spirit Hunter:


After some serious snooping, author Sandy Arno Lyons was able interview patrons, employees and owners of various Michigan hotels, restaurants and bars to get first-hand accounts of unexplained phenomenon. Sandy will speak about her book, Michigan's Most Haunted: A Ghostly Guide to the Great Lakes State, which features more than 25 true tales from 8 properties along with history, pictures and contact information.


The Skeptic:


Many phenomena once believed to be supernatural or paranormal have been explained through scientific investigation. Lightning, once believed to be bolts of energy cast down by angry gods is now understood as electricity. Today, the science of electronics allows us to see and speak with people on the other side of the world; something that would have been considered magical just 100 years ago. Robert Elmouchi, founder of Paranormal Investigators Group, will talk about why we should conduct scientific investigations of paranormal phenomena and his quest for new truths that may profoundly change our understanding of nature.


            Southfield Public Library is located in the Southfield Municipal Complex, 26300                                         

           Evergreen Road.  Visit the Library's Home Page at For

           further information, please call the Guest Services Desk at 248.796.4224.



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