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EVENT: @DaytonBookExpo Features Four Debut Titles

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April 18, 2012



Dayton Book Expo Features

Four Debut Titles

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Dayton, Ohio - On Saturday, April 28 2012, four titles will debut at the Dayton Book Expo. The cake celebration will be held at noon in the Great Hall at Sinclair Community College's Ponitz Conference Center-Building 12, 444 West Third Street, Dayton, Ohio 45402. In addition to the new-release celebration, scores of authors will be signing books from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM. The Dayton Book Expo also boasts panel discussions for aspiring authors, spoken word and activities for children in the Kidz Zone. The family-friendly event is free and open to the public.

The following authors will introduce their titles to the book lovers of Dayton:

Yes, Real Women Do Sweat: Straight Talk about Menopause
by Linda J. Hawkins

Yes, Real Women Do Sweat is a simple guide designed to address menopause as straightforward and uncomplicated as possible. Real, authentic and touching stories are used throughout the book making the subject relevant and relatable to every woman's experience.

Yes, Real Women Do Sweat covers symptoms, hot flashes, super foods, Hormone Replacement Therapy, the battle of weight gain and much more. The in-depth research provides you with all the tools needed to make wise and proactive decisions. You will be encouraged to move forward in your own personal journey to a healthy and esteemed quality of life.

Linda J. Hawkins is a health-and-wellness coach whose purpose is to help people become successful. She incorporates weight management and lifestyle change as part of her clients' training.


Shattered Masks: 7 Masks We Wear and Strategies to Shatter Them

by Lyman A. Montgomery


Are you ready to stop hiding behind a lifetime of pain, hurt and disappointment, but lack courage?

Imagine navigating through childhood and your adult life carrying the baggage of being bullied because you wore corrective shoes or called a sissy by your stepfather because you were unable to stand up for yourself.

Lyman Montgomery lived that life suffering great and consistent losses. Before the age of fourteen, he was sexually abused by a trusted teacher and experienced the death of two grandparents-one of whom took her own life.

Lyman kept silent about his abuse, avoideddealing with the grief of his grandmother's death by never mentioning her, associated with people who were better off financially, developed unhealthy relationships with women, performed as others expected, used accomplishments to feel better about himself and projected a religious lifestyle that was not rooted in righteousness.

Shattered Masks: 7 Masks We Wear and Strategies to Shatter Them is an autobiographical account of how masks are made in a young person's life. This self-study will help you identify the mask makers in your life and shatter the masks you've grown accustomed to wearing.

Lyman Montgomery is the founder of Success Network which is dedicated to helping people transform into the best individuals they can be. He is also the host of Shattered Masks which airs live on WDAO 1210 AM.


The Edge of His Garment

by Maribeth Norman

Dayton Book Expo - Where book lovers connect

Do you long to feel God's touch in a powerful way?

The Edge of His Garment is packed full of inspiring meditations and prayers concerning life's meaning. The book is designed to bring you the comfort you crave and the reassurance that God is with you-always and in everything.

You will discover-as did the woman in the Bible with the issue of blood-that as you draw closer to God in sincere belief, He will answer mightily, and you will be spiritually healed. She found her peace and you will find yours. Seek beyond your boundaries and touch the spiritual edge.

The meditations and prayers powerfully express God's love for you. You will search out the deeper meaning of life, find helpful answers in your time of need and know God's promise is true: He will never leave you nor forsake you. He has not passed you over. You are never alone.


Dayton Book Expo - Where book lovers connect

Maribeth Norman is the founder and CEO of Jabez L.IF.T. Ministries, Inc., a small ministry group commissioned to lead people to God's Word and to do His work through His people.

In Sherman's Path

by Jeff Spieles


Twelve-year-old orphan, Henry Akinson, lives in Georgia. It is in the autumn of 1864 during the time of Sherman's March to the Sea from Atlanta to Savannah. Henry carries out some dangerous missions for a plantation owner who has offered to protect him, but instead he is put directly in the path of Sherman's looters and foragers. Through it all, Henry develops a relationship with a slave family. His interactions with them challenge his previously held attitudes and beliefs about slaves. He is forced to consider what equality really means, and he learns that true honor and courage have nothing to do with the color of one's skin. This compelling story brings the dangers and realities of the Civil War alive for young readers, and offers a powerful and effective way to engage them when learning about history, particularly relevant during these 150th anniversary years of the Civil War.




Jeff Spieles is an elementary school teacher in Englewood, Ohio. A nominee for the 2011 Ohio Teacher of the Year award, drama and storytelling have been major influences on his teaching style.


For more information about the 2012 Dayton Book Expo authors and their books, visit


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