Tuesday, April 24, 2012

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The Prenups: What Filmmakers and Funders Should Talk About Before Tying the Knot

Created by Active Voice, The Prenups is a guide to help foster more productive partnerships. While geared towards filmmakers, the guide is useful for all types of creators who want to leverage partnerships for project financing, exposure, outreach, and more. 

A little bit about the guide:

Filmmakers and funders need each other more than ever. Filmmakers spend years of their lives creating powerful films they need support to tell such high-impact stories. Funders bring tremendous knowledge, networks, analytical skills, money and other resources to social change efforts. They need powerful stories to put human faces on the issues they work on, because doing so helps influence public will.
When the conditions are right, a successful partnership can blossom. But if the conditions are wrong, and funders and filmmakers don't understand each other and haven't communicated their expectations in advance, the results can be disastrous. Active Voice has found that most sources of friction between filmmakers and funders revolve around three essential areas:
> Visions and Expectations
> Roles and Participation
> Business and Legal Issues
Both parties need language and guidelines in order to understand each other's goals, standards, values and expectations—before they tie the knot. There are many kinds and levels of collaboration possible. 

Informed by dozens of candid, anonymous interviews and Active Voice's 10+ years of experience as an intermediary, The Prenups is designed to help all parties forge more productive relationships and avoid many of the common obstacles that hold projects back. The result? Better communication, clearer roles and more time to focus on making powerful media to help solve the world's problems. Whatever role you play in a funder-filmmaker relationship, The Prenups can help to establish whether you and your partners see "eye to eye."

You can download The Prenups here

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