Friday, April 20, 2012

Partnership with Online Writers‘ Forum, Voices In Space

Meetup Message from: Tara Jacqueline, via Motown Writers Meetup Group

Partnership with Online Writers' Forum, Voices in Space

Dear Sylvia/MotownWriters, Louise Bannerman ,

I am writing to introduce a new site that could be a resource to members of Motown Writers Meetup Group. Our free online writers' forum, Voices in Space (, allows writers of all levels of experience to post original fiction, non-fiction, and poetry, receive critique from a global community of readers, and read new works by aspiring and established authors. Our site also lets writers' workshops create groups, through which their members can connect and share writing as a complement to, or substitute for, meeting in person.

Since Voices in Space is a new site, still in its beta stage, we are searching for writers and readers to populate the site with works and feedback. We hope that you would consider sharing Voices in Space with your audience, and utilizing the site to its fullest (meaning, posting works and commentary on other works). In return, we would post a news feature about your organization and list your organization as an affiliate on our VISionaries page. If you are interested in this cross-promotional opportunity, or have any other question pertaining to Voices in Space, please email message me back, or email me at

Happy Writing,

Tara Kipnees

President & Founder of Voices in Space
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