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[friendsofbroadside] BroadsidePoetsTheater: Sunday April 15- Presents Looping

The Broadside Press Poets' Theater takes place on the University of
Detroit-Mercy's McNichols Campus, in the Grounds Coffee Haus, lower level of the Student Union, the third Sunday of each month.  Guest parking is in the first lot to the right of the security station. Event is free and open to the Public

For more information, contact Rosemary Weatherston, director, Dudley
Randall Center for Print Culture at or 

Aurora Harris at 313 673-6313

Broadside Press' Poets' Theater                   

Sunday, April 15, 2012
U of D Mercy Campus  McNichols and Livernois  3:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Featuring : LOOPING   Open Mic After Featured Readers

Looping, Detroit is a collection from visual artists, MC's, poets , radio producers and novelists with the People Mover as its organizing spine. Each contributor selected a station of the People Mover to explore it. The radius was up to them from the platform to the next stop. Looping Detroit is the collected creative responses to Detroit's elevated monorail—a brief ride in time to be sure, but these stops and there surroundings are filled with lives past and present, provocation and  candor.

Think of it as a journal for eccentric explorations, a Situationist rant, a poetic ramble. Just not anything that would be, say in an inflight magazine of what to do and see in Detroit.

Contributors include:
Chace MCWrite Morris
Airea Dee Matthews
David Gluckman
Francine Harris
Lolita Hernandez
Cornelius Harris
Walter Lacy
Justin Langlois
Mary Lum
Patrick Morris
Zak Rosen
Stacey Malasky
Cee Ann Yates
Michael Zadoorian


Lolita Hernandez is the author of Autopsy of an Engine and Other Stories from the Cadillac Plant (Coffee House Press), winner of a 2005 PEN Beyond Margins Award. She teaches in the Creative writing Department of the University of Michigan Residential College.

Walter Lacy:

I'm a graduate of Murray Wright HS, born and raised on Detroit's West side near midtown.  I've been a spoken word artist and poet  since my freshman year of college, developing my skills as a member of the hip hop collective The Cypher.
I'm currently working on hip hop and poetry projects independently.
I'm a facilitator with the Young People's Project, a non-profit
focusing on math literacy. 


Cornelius Harris works as a manager for musical artists but he started out as a heavy club goer, familiar with all the downtown late night spots and the associated People Mover spots. 


Visual artists:


Charlie Michaels is a studio and community based artist currently working in Detroit whose projects focus on the relationships between people and their social and natural environments in urban spaces. Recent projects include a hand painted billboard, in collaboration with a Detroit sign painter, that returned the stars to the sky over a dark east side intersection, as well as ongoing collaborative projects with college students, Detroit youth, and communities of artists in Ghana on addressing various local challenges through making art, design, and technology accessible to children.


Stacey Malasky:

I was born and raised on the eastern shore of Maryland, but have been living in Detroit for the past nine years. My drawings and cut paper work are largely inspired by the world I inhabit, my politics, values and everyday life, and while most people compartmentalize their lives into factions of interests, work, and home, I feel that all facets of my life inform what I do creatively. My eclectic interests; including teaching about and tending bees on a 2-acre organic farm in Detroit, creating artwork, farming, and self sufficient living are all drawn upon as inspiration for my work. I have been drawing and creating my entire life, but in an effort to expand my repertoire, graduated from Maryland College of Art and Design with an associate of fine arts, and received a bachelor of arts degree from Salisbury University. During my time in Detroit I have worked on developing various urban agriculture and food systems programs, been a freelance graphic designer and illustrator, and am currently employed as a studio assistant to a Detroit area printmaker as well as a contract beekeeper. My work has been exhibited in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Maryland. Mary Lum is a visual artist based in North Adams, MA.  She explores the poetic undercurrents of urban space through collage, photography, painting and installation.  Her work is currently on view in the exhibition "Invisible Cities" at Mass MoCA.  She is a 2010 Guggenheim Fellow.


Patrick Morris is the Academic Coordinator for the after school program Racquet Up Detroit. Originally from Hartland, he attended the University of Michigan and studied public policy. He enjoys visiting libraries, running marathons, and riding bikes.

David: David Gluckman somehow turned an engineering degree into a job writing about cars. He currently works for Car and Driver magazine. David has been Zak Rosen's best friend since second grade.

Zak: Zak Rosen is a public radio producer and occasional writer. His radio stories have been heard on NPR, PRI, APM, and the BBC. He's written for Yes!, Model D, The Red Thread and Huffington Post Detroit. David Gluckman has been his best friend since second grade.

Aurora Harris,
* Author of "Solitude of Five Black Moons" c. 2011. Co-published by Broadside Press and the University of Detroit- Mercy
* Board Member of Detroit's Broadside Press.
* Spoken Word Artist: In The Tradition Jazz Band:
* Producer and Reporter for Encode
* Facebook
313 673-6313

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