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[friendsofbroadside] 2012 Broadside Press Institute of Cultural Studies June 2012 Classes

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Calling all writers, educators, activists, academics, and community.
Creating Effective Schools in America - Today, Tomorrow and Beyond- What we must demand


Time: 11:30 am to  4:00 p.m.
Theme: The New Education Millennium -
Making it Work for Everyone

Workshops will cover a historical, political, social and economic
review of the struggle for quality education in Detroit and America.
We will examine Broadside Legacy Authors, and their writings on
education, as well as discover the works of education activist from
around the world. The workshops will serve as a basis to develop an
activist approach for civic literacy and engagement in the design of
schools in America.

The Sessions will include
- The completion of the education and schools analysis paper by residents and students that focuses on the destruction of public schools in Detroit.

-"Struggle Wisdom" understanding struggles past and present.
- Writing for Change - How to engage struggle through words

Instructors: Dr. Gloria Aneb House, Albert M. Ward, Christopher Rutherford, Aurora Harris.

* Explore the works of internationally renowned writers and Educators
as they address the social, political and spiritual realities of
public schools and poor communities.

* Reflect intensely on your own experiences in light of these writings

* Leave with tools for change

All Saturday workshops are held at University of Detroit-Mercy, corner of Livernois and McNichols in Detroit, MI in the

·Unemployed and H.S. with school Id free

· Enrolled college students $10.00 per session discounted

· Professionals: $20.00 per session

Please make Checks and Money Orders payable to Broadside Press.

Broadside Press P.O. Box 2011 Detroit, MI 48202
* If the McNichols Entrance is closed, enter at Livernois entrance and
drive around to the Commerce and Finance Building on North side of
campus near the McNichols entrance.
Classes are in the Commerce and Finance Bldg Room CF 213

Broadside Press is a nonprofit (501(c)(3) tax exempt) organization. If you would like to support any of our youth programming, please make
your tax deductible donation today.

Questions? Contact Aurora Harris  @ 313.673.6313


Aurora Harris, M.A. Foundations of Education, B.A. Sociology
* Author of "Solitude of Five Black Moons" c. 2011. Co-published by Broadside Press and the University of Detroit- Mercy
* Board Member of Detroit's Broadside Press.
* Spoken Word Artist: In The Tradition Jazz Band:
* Producer and Reporter for Encode
* Facebook
313 673-6313

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