Thursday, May 10, 2012

O/T: Need help finding participants for gifted education advocacy! #detroit



I'm sending the following information to you because you may know someone in Michigan who'd like to participate in a program for gifted children.   Please share!



The Magic Pencil, an uplifting novel for youth!

Join Malcolm Bakersfield in his quest to learn the secret to the power of the pencil.
Meet his mysterious friend, Nia, who may have started it all.
Discover Malc's and your hidden powers!


Here are the details of our upcoming Community Conversation.  I really appreciate you helping us get the word out to minority and underprivileged groups, so that they can get their voices heard!  Thank you for your help!!

Please sign up ASAP for our upcoming Community Conversation on Gifted Education at the Farmington Branch Library on May 23rd at 7:00 PM! This is your chance to get your voice heard about K-12 Gifted Education in Michigan! Please sign up by Friday, if possible, as this is the date details will be released to the general public. Details are on the Rochester SAGE website at:

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