Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New From @Amazon_Studios: New Opportunity for Artists: Create for $3000; Details on Series

Amazon Studios May 2012

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What Amazon Studios Wants

Earlier this month, Amazon Studios opened its doors to episodic series. Creators of series added to the Development Slate will get $10,000, plus another $55,000 if their show gets produced (with the potential for other royalties and bonuses).

Here's a closer look at the kinds of shows Amazon Studios is looking for:

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Best of the Blog

Inside the upfronts: Noah Hawley, a novelist and screenwriter who created and ran two TV shows for ABC, offers an exclusive, insider's perspective on what it's like to have your show selected for a network's fall schedule.

From book to screen and back: Max Allan Collins, who wrote Road to Perdition, explores the challenges of writing for the screen vs. novels (and graphic novels).

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